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The Master key of any Muscle Building Program "High Protein Diet"

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Protein is a word derived from the Greek 'Protos', meaning first. Protien is the most important food to have if you are trying to grow big muscle. However having a high protein diet is not limited to muscle building people, it also benefits people of all ages who want to lose weight and get slim.

Why Required:

Protein is what our muscles are made up of. All wear and tear in our bodies is repaired with proteins. During your weightlifting and strength training workout, your muscles are getting broken down. In order to rebuild and repair your muscles, your body need protein diet. Not only muscles, the various fluids in the body constitute of proteins.

So its no rocket science to get to know that in order to build muscles up you need protein. With that said you now know why proteins are required, through a high protein diet.

A high protein diet assures that adequate amount of protein is supplied to the body to carry on the process of training at home building lean muscle mass.

Protein Quality:

Protein sources in a protein diet are not equal. Whether your are eating good quality protein or a inferior one can make big difference in what you get from a a calculated and measured protein diet.Some proteins are of higher quality, these have better muscle building qualities than other sources. These are called 'first class' proteins. In the 'second class' come the vegetable foods, peanuts, the pulses, spinach etc. A very good source is Soya flour which is the common ingredient of some of the foods offered for sale to bodybuilders.

Sources of Protein:

top body builders of today

All the top body builders of today are firm believers of non veg sources of proteins then the pure vegetarians sources. Whether you're eating more complete (first class protein diet) or incomplete sources of protein, can make a big difference in the muscle building gains that you make over a time period.

Second class protein sources, like beans and nuts, do not provide a proper essential amino acid balance and are not easily put to use by your body. Egg white, fish, meat, beef, chicken and turkey top the list, in providing the best first class protein source in a protein diet.

When to have High Protein Diets:

Proper timing of having a high protein diet has been proven to give greater benefits. A protein rich diet or supplement an hour before and immediately after a demanding workout gives the best muscle building results. A good protein loaded diet in the morning and at bed time have long been advocated by dietitians and nutrionists.

How much of Protien:

Lastly, how much protein does my body need? The amount of protein a man requires depends entirely on his body size and work, including the amount of bodybuilding training he does. A universally accepted formula is to take about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight if you need to build lean muscle mass. Any less quantity won't give you good and fast gains.

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